16 July 2010

The Summer of Sharks

This summer KML has been glad to again be a part of Dr. Neil Hammerschlag's shark research.
Dr. Hammerschlag is from the University of Miami's R.J. Dunlap Marine Conservation Program and his work focuses on examining shark biology, population dynamics, and habitat utilization which are all needed to ensure their conservation and improve their management.

The group has gone out 10 times with KML on the R/V Diodon to locations off the reef near Long Key, in Hawk Channel, bayside near Conch Key, and in the Everglades. All trips have been very successful and they have been able to collect data on over 60 sharks and even satellite tag 3 of them (2 Hammerheads and a Bull). Follow the link below to see where Chad, Rose, and Sandy are heading...

Last month a news crew from CNN accompanied Hammerschlag's group along with a troop of high school volunteers that are always eager to learn more about the ocean's top predators. CNN's story is about how the sharks are responding to the oil spill and the implications it may have. Follow the link below to see the story...

The KML staff is looking forward to assisting the group with their upcoming research trips next month.

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