27 January 2010

Warming Up

Weather is finally returning to more normal winter temperatures in the Keys, as marine biologists from Fish & Wildlife Research Institute (FWRI) and KML assisted the Marathon Turtle Hospital in weighing, measuring, and tagging many of the rescued cold-stunned turtles in preparation for their return to the wild.

Once the large Loggerheads and adult Hawksbills had warmed up and recovered for a few days, FWRI staff used their boats to transport them out to the warmer waters near Sombrero Reef. When Florida Bay water temps finally nudged above 60F, KML offered their boats and staff to assist with releasing nearly 100 smaller Hawksbills and Greens.

KML's Cindy Lewis releasing small Green turtle from the R/V Mola Mola

Sue Schaf (FWRI), Whitney Crowder (FWRI), and Cindy Lewis (KML) releasing Hawksbills at KML along the seawall

Hawksbills waiting their turn to be released

FWC and FIO staff along with local media and a crew from The Turtle Hospital aboard the R/V Diodon leaving the marina at KML to release the last load of patients

KML's Andrew Crowder and The Turtle Hospital's Ryan Butts releasing a Green sea turtle back into Florida Bay near the Everglades National Park

This release was picked up by the AP and seen nationally, to see video of the action follow the link below:



Michael Childress said...

Excellent work! You guys did a great job helping out these turtles.

Mike said...

WOW! That's a lot of turtles that you guys rescued/helped return! Great job guys, and AP news coverage to top it off.